Time share concept


Carefree leisure time with hobbies

Co-owning means a carefree leisure time! When starting your holiday there is your own familiar apartment waiting for you. The company takes care of all necessary maintenance and  administration. The fully furnished and decorated apartment is ready for you, your family and your guests. Your carefree leisure time with dreams and with your favorite hobbies comes real right away.

The time share, co-owned holiday apartment concept, has become very popular in recent years. In the concept the apartments and houses make a limited liability company, where the owner of one share has the right to stay and use the apartment one week at a time. The next own week is after 6 or 7 weeks depending on the company’s rules. If one owns more shares the right to stay increases accordingly, up to the owning the whole apartment or house.

The owners of the shares make the decisions in the company concerning, for instance, the members of the board, the maintenance fees or buying golf green fees or downhill skiing tickets for the share holders’ use. Each apartment has the residence guide booklet with rules, following by which, the apartment will stay clean and in good condition.

The share owner can benefit also when not using the holiday apartment himself. The rental income can easily cover costs of the maintenance. Renting the apartment is to be decided by the owner through a system or a website he or she decides.

The holiday apartments of Levihovi.com pages do not belong to any rental or club organizations.

Buying of these shares is subject to wealth transfer tax of 2 % to the Finnish Government.